Things to ask when selecting a cleaning service:

  1. Are employees sub contracted?
    Sub contracted employees may not be covered by bond or liability insurance.

  2. Workers Compensation - Letter of compliance.
    Is the cleaning company in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board? Ask for a letter of compliance.

  3. Are employees uniformed - identifiable?

  4. Criminal record check.
    Can they supply a copy of the criminal record check? How old is the criminal record check? Do their employees have an up-to-date police criminal record clearance?

  5. Insurance - Liability, Bonding?
    Ask for proof of liability and bonding insurance.

  6. WHIMIS Trained?
    Show copy of certificate and are employees properly trained.

  7. What experience does the company have as compared to your location?

  8. What equipment is used?
    Old or new - is their equipment up-to-date and safe?

  9. Are cleaning solutions environmentally certified and scent free?

  10. Ask if company supplies MSDS sheets for all products used.

  11. Ask about company safety policy.

  12. Do their employees sign confidentially agreements?